• At Aakriti, we work with the single minded objective to empower the weaker sections of our society. Hundreds of women have benefited through this venture, with intensive training that empowers then with a varied skill set, a sense of confidence and much, much more.
  • Every Aakriti product evokes a perfect blend of sheer simplicity and a passion for creation.
  • Our products are ‘ideas handcrafted’
  • Each Aakriti product created converts a story, an ideology, and a joy of creation.
  • Our workforce comprises domestic workers, and women who with proper training emerge as independent artists in their own right.
  • We strive to revive traditional art forms that include tribal art, madhubani, warli, dogra which are fading away, unrecognised, unappreciated.


About Aakriti

Its one simple, six-letter word called Giving.

Aakriti Art Creations was not established with dreams of high-profit. On the contrary, it was founded on the bricks of social welfare and common hope and above all, on the idea of generosity. A typical Aakriti product is a fusion between various forms of tribal art and design principles. Inspired by Warli, Madhubani, Dhokra, and Kalamkari (arts forms organising from Maharastra, Bihar, Rajasthan And Andhra Pradesh) and infused with a sense of simplicity and usability , these sturdy artefacts are ideas , handcraft to last.

In Suman Sonthalia’s words,”Our primary focus is to revive the tribal art forms, and at the same time making our products visually appealing as well as usable.”

The bouquet of products offered by Aakriti arts Creations includes articles of furniture, paintings, vases ,lamps,trays,jewellery boxes, wall clocks, miniatures pots,wind chimes and many more items of home decor that add life to your living environment.